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How to Fix Screen Resolution in Ubuntu for HDTV When using HDMI cable

I installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my new server and plugged it in my 42″ HDTV Vizio Gallevia (1280×720) using HDMI. Everything worked fine except for the screen. The resolution was wrong, I could only see half of the buttons on the left side of the screen and  could not even see the  top part of the screen. I’ve tried all the other available resolutions in the Display setting but none worked.

This problem is due to  TV overscan which is set by default in HDTV.  For most HDTV, you can solve this by adjusting the  the screen size (16:9) or changing the overscan settings (e.g. Setup > Other Settings > Picture Overscan) through your TV remote

If these settings is not available in your TV, you can fiz the overscan theu the NVidia settings. You can follow the instruction in this post:

In my case though, overscan settings is neither available in my TV settings nor does it show in Nvidia settings so I had to configure the xorg.conf manually.

NOTE: Make sure first that the nvidia drivers are installed. Check this post on how to install nvidia drivers.
  • Open /etc/X11/xorg.conf
xorg.conf is not created by default in Ubunut 12.10. If it is missing, you can create the file by running the following command in the terminal:

sudo nvidia-xconfig
  • Set  the correct ViewPortIn and ViewPortOut MetaMode attributes in xorg.conf. For my screen, the following attributes worked for me:

Option “metamodes” “DFP-1: 1280×720 { ViewPortOut=1200×680+40+20, ViewPortIn=1280×720 }”

 xorg.conf overscan mode How to Fix Screen Resolution in Ubuntu for HDTV When using HDMI cable

For a detailed explanation of this setting, refer to the following forum post:

Overscan compensation for on nvidia driver


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