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Stop the Bulls!!!

There are thousands of thoughts running thru my head that it’s about to explode! I need to teach my brain to just think one thought at a time. Hopefully by writing them down I will be able to¬† stop the uncontrollable stream of thoughts that’s filling up my overpopulated little brain.

I’ve got 6 projects in my queue that I wanna do all at once. It is impossible though so I have to slow down and deal with them one by one… with the help of my ever-patient VA. Damn, I love my VA.

For the jewelry store project, I need to ask the VA get several things from the developer: project timeline–what to expect every week of development, when will be the initial presentation (need concrete dates!); site should be under maintenance and will require login so both me and the VA can access it anytime.

Need to come up with a feasibility study for a Groupon-like site and how it will fare in the Philippine culture
Landlord project: specs is currently for Philippines settings so need to talk to real estate friend about the project to discuss on how to customize it for US customers. To monetize, it will be a membership site. Members can post unlimited properties in the site; it will be a monthly subscription. It will be open to public for property search. This is my baby so it will be in the language near to my heart–Java!
For fashion website, it needs some twist to make it unique from other similar sites. Twist Idea: complete getup is presented to customers and they will be able to buy the complete look. No need for them to worry about mixing and matching an item.
Slimming coffee site will be resurrected. Instead of buying straight from Philippines, I will just resell them and just market it like hell. Also, add a sitemap so it will get indexed.

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