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A 6 for the Tenth

krapao A 6 for the TenthI was supposed to use one of my Groupon on a sushi bar but it was still close when I got there. They open at 5:30PM but I was 15mins early :(… I was starving so I decided to go to the next restaurant I come up with.

I’ve always been curious how’s the food like in The Tenth Thai Restaurant. The best Thai restaurant I’ve been to is Satay House in Alpharetta, GA (well it’s actually a fusion of Malay and Thai cuisine)–all the food I’ve tried there are delicious and the prices are very reasonable.

I wondered if The Tenth would be of the same calibre. A glance at the menu tells me that the price is reasonable (a bit pricier than Satay but then there is the location to consider).

I usually order Shrimp Masaman Curry when I wanna play it safe but today I was feeling adventurous so I ordered Kra-Prao Seafood. When the dish arrived, I was dismayed to see that there are tons of green beans in it. I don’t like green beans. The amount of seafood was ok and the basil sauce was so-so. It didn’t came with soup (unlike in Satay house). Overall, it wasn’t exactly the best thai dish I’ve had. I was starving so I ate it anyway.

To make my dining experience a bit better, I ordered dessert–fried banana with coconut ice cream. It was a very simple dessert but the combination of the two was perfect. I was pleased with it. The meal including 20% tip cost $24. I’m giving it a rating of 6/10.


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  1. Britroll says:

    Boring, don’t give up your day job love and use to learn the past tense of words.

  2. Jett says:

    Stalker… I’m sure your gastronomic preference can relate with this post… bland, boring British food ;)

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