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Jet Lag Tale

kittyNight Jet Lag Tale

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I just got back from raiding the fridge. It’s 3:45AM, everyone’s asleep and yet here I am beset with jet lag. I was starving so I went to the kitchen hoping there will be something edible in the fridge. There were 2 fridges and both have tons of food in them! I was ecstatic until I realized that I don’t see any microwave around (what the hell?!). But, well, I thought I’m starving and the food looks good enough for me to eat even when cold.


I couldn’t find the light switch but I managed to get myself a fork and a bowl of rice. I figured the light coming from the fridge itself would be enough so I sat in front of the fridge and started picking on different food (yep, cold and still awesome!)… and then out of nowhere a furry little thing appeared beside me… a cat! A cat I’ve never seen before but who obviously lives here and knows her way around (she looks pregnant so yes it’s a she). She started meow-ing at me which definitely sounds like ‘Feed me! Feed me!’. I was exasperated, ‘Oh come on, cat! I’m starving… I can’t be eating and feeding you at the same time!‘ (stopping from eating to feed the cat is NOT an option). But, of course, just like every other cat in the world, she doesn’t give a damn what I was doing… all she cared is she just wants to be fed.

Then, as I looked inside the fridge again, I saw this plate with small fried fishes in them and thought, ‘Oh well, what the heck‘. I picked the fish, ate the body and threw the fish head and tail at the cat. Miss preggy cat seemed very pleased and happily ate the fish head and tail. I repeated the process with the same happy result.. and so my commensalic (??) relationship with her started. We both happily ate away. 

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One thing I have forgotten though about cats here are that they are damn easy. I’ve finished eating, got up, washed my hands, found a glass of water and made myself some orange juice… the whole time the cat was following me around and would rub her furry tail against my legs. I was like “What the heck cat?! I’m fed, you’re fed, relationship is over… now go away!“. I managed to stand a few feet away from her while I drink my orange juice. She was fine with it and just sat in front of me while she watched me. To my horror though, she started chatting me up. She started meow-ing and asking me how my day was, why was I up so late and that the food was nice, blahdiblah. I replied with irritation, “Go away, cat. You and I have nothing in common but food. Now that we’re done with food you need to leave. We have nothing talk to about.” whilst I mentally planned my escape. I quickly finished my drink, washed my hands again and run to my room. The cat followed me. Luckily, I was able to close the door before she could get in.
Moral of the story? Nothing. I just wished cats here are like in US–aloof and don’t talk to humans. I’m pretty sure the cat is still outside my door. Damn. 

Background: Went on a vacation to my beautiful home country, Philippines. I wrote this email to my friends in USA on my 2nd day (2011/01/07).
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