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Like Father, Like Daughter

Father and Daughter Like Father, Like DaughterIt is 6AM and the house is starting to wake up. It’s my brother’s wedding day and there’s this excited energy around the house. My mom came in to my room and told me she’s really pissed off with Dad.

My dad was telling us yesterday that he doesn’t have anything to wear yet for the wedding. He’s supposed to wear this thing we call ‘Barong’. And so, we told him to drop everything he’s doing and make sure he gets that Barong. Earlier that morning, I noticed that Dad framed some of our recent pictures he grabbed from our Facebook (dad’s a stalker!) and displayed it in the living room. I told him that I don’t see Alyssa’s (my one and only niece) picture anywhere. Then, last night I noticed a new framed pic–Alyssa’s pic! And I was like… wow, that was quick. I was impressed with Dad.

Back to my story… mom was so pissed because apparently for some mom-still-don’t-get-it-after-30some-years-of-marriage reason, my dad does NOT have anything yet to wear. We have no idea what happened yesterday but he managed to frame the pictures, buy wines (for the party last night), invite his friends over, drive us around and yet no Barong………

My eldest sister woke up while mom was ranting and she just shook her head and said she’s not surprised, “Mom, Dad has always been like this“. Obviously teeming with frustration, my mom finished her story with an exasperated, irritated outburst “Like father, like daughter!“, looking at me accusingly and stormed out of the room. My¬†jaw¬†dropped.

Sent this email to Aaron 2 hours after my Jet lag Tale.

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