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Of Women, Time and Money

This was sent to me by a guy friend of mine as a joke.

woman time and money Of Women, Time and Money

My reply:

It may look impressive but there is something mathematically wrong with the equation..

The author (I think it is a safe assumption that the author is a man) got it wrong at Step 1 ..

1 To find a woman, you need Time AND Money,

therefore (AND being the operative word) it should be,

Woman = Time + Money

This can also have the form,

Woman – Time = Money

What does this mean?


Guys, if you choose not to spend time with us girls, it will cost you money… if you don’t have money, just spend quality time with your girl and things will be in perfect equilibrium.

See, women are not as complicated as men think…

… when are you guys gonna get it right icon smile Of Women, Time and Money

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