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Got Virtual Assistant?

Today has been an exciting day for me… I just hired my new  full time Virtual Assistant!

I have always been a scattered brain and need someone to organize my thoughts for me. I have loads of projects I want to do but it takes me ages to accomplish anything just because either I procrastinate or I just forget what I’m supposed to do. I figured I’ll hire myself a ‘secretary’ and one of her main tasks is to badger me every single day on updates on the projects we have and remind me of the tasks that have been done and still needs to be done. Main reason I hired her full time is not because so she can do all the work for me but because it will force me to work! You see, I’d be more conscious of my time and feel guiltier for my penchant for procrastination since I know someone out there is relying on me and is COSTing me money not to work. I will have to force myself to work, think of the project at hand, organize the things to be done and come up with tasks that I can share with her.

So where did I find her? Certainly not from those sites advertising virtual assistants. Simply because I can’t afford to hire them full time. Hey, I’m just starting out on my plan to for world domination. I need to scrimp on my limited resources for now. And besides, even if you hire them ‘full-time’ they would still be getting jobs from other employers which does not make them full time. I’m selfish, I want her full attention. Anyway, she’s from the Philippines. She’s an old friend of mine (I know, not a very good idea but hopefully it will turn out right). She used to work as a secretary abroad and but went home to the Philippines to take a break so she’s jobless at the moment, which means I can hire her full time.

There’s a teeny weeny problem though… she’s not internet savvy. She said she has done a bit of research on Google but that’s it. All my projects are about internet marketing. Yeah, I know (Houston, we’ve got a problem!). BUT, I do know that she’s very intelligent (I’ve known her since childhood) and can be very determined. She knows that the job will be a big help in advancing her skills and will certainly an edge on what she does for a living. I wouldn’t mind spending several hours training her knowing I’d be helping her a lot.

To hopefully avoid the common problems with outsourcing, I had to lay down some rules. She has to call me everyday at 5:30AM (I’m in US, she’s in Philippines… it’s a very inconvenient 12Hour difference) to give me updates on what has been done the day before, what she will be doing for the day and remind me what she will be expecting from me. We agreed that I will always have to provide her a list of tasks a day before (at a minimum) so she can evaluate it and let me know if she will need training on it (or need to familiarize herself with it) before she can perform the task. Also, she needs to provide me an estimate on how long the task will take and will have to inform me in advance if it won’t make the cut. Also, I asked her to open a Gmail account so she can message me ANYTIME she needs me thru my phone (GTalk rocks!). The point here is, communication is crucial. We need to keep an open communication if we want to make this work.

Anyway, I’m really excited. She’ll officially start working tomorrow. I hope it goes well for both of us. Wish us luck!

4 Responses to “Got Virtual Assistant?”

  1. Des says:

    yes you do procrastinate way too much

  2. Jett says:

    the kettle calling the pot black…

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  4. Rudy Silvia says:

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